Brief history of Nangarhar Science Faculty

 As the country is comparatively in the state of industrial growth conditions, similarly the mass number of students in education and poor level of system. The shortage of qualified teacher in school tend the ministry and university to establish the science faculty in the body of Nangarhar University. For this purpose science faculty is one among those faculties which was established in 2011. This faculty started his work with the math-physics and chemistry- biology departments. And in 2015 the faculty was able to graduate their first batch of students from these two departments. The academic structure of the faculty found changes in 2014. Many professional reforms were being brought into the education program.  Now there are separated departments of math, physics, chemistry, biology and geology and mines. In all the mentioned departments of the faculty, there are various subjects which are being taught as fundamental, field/professional, side subjects and general subjects, which are being taught by the lecturers and scholars of various departments.

The science faculty work in twelve committee as: quality assurance, curriculum, research, discipline, publication, exam and complains, E learning, finance and scholarships committees.

The faculty follow credit system program. For the rapid development of the faculty, the DAAD  administration of the German university of Words Burg help financially in enriching the laboratories with modern equipment and accessories, where the academic member of the faculty as well students of different departments could take benefit during their studies and researches.

The building of the science faculty was founded by the financial support of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is a quality construction which has plenty of class room meeting halls and labs. Currently there are five departments active where academic staff is busy in various areas of their profession. They also carry their academic and search work here in the faculty. The details are in appendixes section table in number (1). Presently 1427 students including 234 girls busy in studying in five departments of the faculty. Annually the faculty graduate 200 up 300 students from all the five departments to serve the society in different fields. Every year the fresher student's number reaches to 600 and above that figure. The number increases year after year.

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