Biography of Chancellor

Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal​ Chancellor of Nangarhar University

Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal was appointed as the Chancellor of Nangarhar University on 5/5/1398 with accordance to the Presidential decree ref. (1241-5/5/1398), and the recommendation of Ministry of Higher Education ref. (170-26/4/1398).

Previously, Dr. Behsudwal has also remained on various administrative positions of Nangarhar University such as Deputy Dean – Faculty of Medicine, Head of Pathology Department, and Head of Quality Assurance Committee at the same Faculty.

Dr. Behsudwal has had extensive academic experiences at the top most international universities of Turkey, the United States of America, and Germany, where he earned Appreciation Letters and Participation Certificates in various academic seminars and conferences.

Professor Behsudwal graduated as an MD Diploma holder from Faculty of Medicine, Nangarhar University with House Job at Kabul University Teaching Hospitals in 1366. He was an outstanding student during his both secondary education at Nangarhar High School and primary education at his alma mater Tajrabawi Primary School. He graduated from Nangarhar High School with distinction in 1358.

Professor Behsudwal belongs to a respectable and religious family of Ta’amirato Kalay, Behsud District. He opened his eyes in the house of Late Wakeel Amir Mohammad in 1342.

The academic contributions in the form of published works of Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal during his successful career  are:

  1. Gross Anatomo Pathology and Causes of Acute Appendicitis in Eastern Zone
  2. Cardiac side effects of Chloroquine Phosphate usage
  3. Effects of Smoking on Gastro Intestinal Diseases in Different Sexes
  4. Text book of Human Histology
  5. Management and Diagnostic Points of coma Patients
  6. Pharmacologic Effects of Onion
  7. Factors affecting teratogenesis on Fetus
  8. Psycho somatic effects on Gastrointestinal
  9. Diagnostic role of carcino embryonic Antigen in Neoplastic Diseases
  10. Anti-Inflammatory effects of honey bee venom
  11. Relation of Obesity and oligospermia
  12. Snake Bite
  13. General Pathology
  14.  Effects of Smoking on Blood Lipid Profile
  15. Analgesic of smoking of oral Glucose on Child
  16. Effects of Holy Ramadan Month on Blood Glucose and Lipid Profile
  17. Text book of Systemic pathology
  18. Text book of Systemic Histology
  19. Text book of General Histology
  20. Factors Affecting Acne

Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal


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Translation: Gul Rasool Saber