History Of Nangarhar University

Nangarhar University

Nangarhar University, which is ranked second among the Afghan Academic and educational institutes, was founded by the then minister of education late Ali Ahmad popal in Shesham bhag Jalalabad at the time of King Mohammad Zahir Shah. Initially, the University started with only medical faculty, where 48 students were taught by 5 Americans and 3 Afghan professors. Then periodically, it respectably established Engineering, Agriculture, Educational, Languages and Literature, Economics, Sharia, Law and political sciences, Veterinary sciences, science, computer science, Journalism and public administration faculties (schools). Now it has 13 faculties with 73 departments, where 14004 male and female students are enrolled and taught by 467 lecturers.    

Nangarhar University has spent 55 years of its academic journey. The accomplishment of this half a century journey is the 23005 Alumni, who are trained in different disciplines in order to serve locally and internationally.


Nangarhar University is proud of educating professional students in wide range of disciplines, so that they can find solutions to the current local and regional problems based on their learned skills and expertise and play a constructive role in improving Afghan society in general.


According to the Universities vision, it is looking forward to obtain an exceptional academic place in the region. It could be achieved by means of having qualified instructors, research oriented programs, standard learning environment, international academic partnerships and providing standard services to students.  

The stages of assembling University’s mission and vision:  Through consulting with all stakeholders (Authorities, instructors, administrative staff and students) of Nangarhar University the mission and vision of the University have been instituted. This Mission and Vision has been approved by the University’s academic board and will be send to the respected Ministry for further procedures.

:Administration formation

  • Chancellor of Nangarhar University
  • Vice chancellor of academic affairs
  • Vice chancellor of students affairs
  • Vice chancellor of Finance and Administration Affairs


Chancellor of Nangarhar University:

Professor Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsoodwal is the current chancellor of Nangarhar University, who was the dean of Medical science faculty before this position.

Vice chancellor of academic affairs:

Academic affairs chancellor is responsible for the academic and instructional affairs. Dr. Hamid Kadwal is the incumbent vice chancellor of Nangarhar University, Who is appointed on this post on 12th February 2019. 

This post is in charge of the academic activities of 13 faculties, instructor affairs, academic research and quality assurance sections.

Nangarhar University has 73 departments and 467 instructors. The instructors are categories according to their academic ranks below.   

Categorization of Nangarhar University’s instructors according to their academic ranks 

16 are female lecturers among them

:Vice chancellor of students’ affairs

The students’ affairs vice chancellor is responsible all activities related to students. The incumbent vice chancellor of students’ affairs is associate professor Sayed Akram Hashami, who was posted on this position on December 17 2018.

Vice chancellor of students’ affairs is in charge of students’ affairs, sports and physical education directorates and other related directorates.

14004 students are currently enrolled into BA level (Day and Night shifts), Graduates and Doctorate programs at Nangarhar University.

Vice chancellor of Finance and Administration Affairs:

Vice chancellor of Finance and administration Affairs is responsible for finance and management issues of the University.

Associate professor Obidullah (  ) is the vice chancellor of finance and administration affairs.

Vice chancellor of finance and administration is in charge of human resources, supplies, procurements and services, budgeting and statistics, public relation and awareness, library and information technology, agricultural research farms, health clinic and University’s educational hospital directorates.

406 staffs are working in the administration sector of the University. Among them 221 are clerks and 185 are support staff.

Nangarhar University started night shift program for those who are working during the day, either in private or public sectors and want to complete their under-graduate degree. The University offers under-graduate degrees in:

  1. Education faculty
  2. Sharia faculty
  3. Languages and literature faculty
  4. Law and political science faculty
  5. Economics faculty

In the above listed faculties 2597 students are currently enrolled, amid them are 177 female students.

Graduate (Masters) Programs:

In 2013 Nangarhar University launched its first ever graduate program in the faculty of Sharia and Islamic studies. Presently, the University has five Graduate programs in different disciplines. Those are discussed chronologically below.

  1. Sharia Faculty
  • Fiqa and Islamic Law graduate program
  • Islamic studies graduate program
  1. Law and political science faculty
  • Legal and Prosecution graduate program
  1. Language and literature faculty
  • Pashto language and literature graduate program
  1. Economic faculty
  • Business administration graduate Program 

In these five graduate programs 287 students are enrolled now. Among them are the lecturers of Nangarhar and other state and public Universities.

Till now 230 students have completed their Master degrees in Sharia, Languages and Literature and Political science disciplines and are busy serving in several walks of life.

Post-Graduate (Doctorate) Program:

The first ever post-graduate degree program in Afghanistan was inaugurated in the Sharia faculty in 2014 by the then Minster of Higher Education Professor Dr. Obidullah Obid in Nangarhar University.  At the moment, 21 lecturers from Nangarhar and other national Universities are perusing their degree in this program. 


In order to circulate the academic activities of the University to public, Nangarhar University has a website, Facebook page, three academic publications and a few magazines. These will be discussed below.

Nangarhar University’s Website:

(www.nu.edu.af) Is a website through which the University distributes University related information, research articles and University’s news and announcements.

:Nangarhar University’s Facebook Page

It is a page on social media site (Facebook), uses the name of (Nangarhar University) to publish University’s related news and announcements. 

:Poha Academic Journal

It is the main academic and research journal of Nangarhar University, which is issued once in three months with 500 hardcopies. It largely publishes instructors academic and research studies.


:Medical Faculty’s Academic journal

This is a medical science faculty’s academic journal, which publishes academic works of Medical science instructors and students.

  Haq Academic Journal:

This journal is related to law and political science faculty. It issues once in every three month and publishes the academic and research works of law and political science faculty’s instructors and students.

:Other Publications

Besides above mentioned publications, the students of Nangarhar University also produce and issue numerous magazines and newspapers, where they reflect their views on current affairs and publish their academic works.   


In addition to the individual libraries of every faculty, Nangarhar University has a general library. This library is consisting of 44000 books from various fields. Those books are cataloged and arranged for students to use them while preparing their research papers. 

:English Language, Computer and Internet Center

(ELC) is an English language, Computer and Internet center, which provides internet services to the University’s faculties and also conducts short term courses.  Moreover, few faculties (Schools) also have their individual internet centers. Students and instructors use those facilities on daily bases.


Nangarhar University is providing accommodations to students from other provinces to live here, if they meet certain criteria. Right now 2500 male and female students from other provinces and distant districts of Nangarhar province are living in the central, Medical, educational and computer science dormitories. On the other hand, 6800 students are receiving ransom because there is not enough space for all of them.  


Email: Info@nu.edu.af

Website: www.nu.edu.af

Facebook: (ننګرهار پوهنتون- Nangarhar University)

Collected and organized by: Public relation and awareness directorate

Translated by: Assistant Professor Mohammad Asif Amin

The End