Office Management Department

Administrative office of the chancellor of Nangarhar University


Admin/administrative office instituted in the structure of Nangarhar University in 2011. Since 11/2/2017 Gulam hidar khan Hidar is assigned as the head of this office.

Organizational structure of the Administrative office:

  1. Admin of the chancellor office
  2. Credentials and public relations office.
  3. Application collecting office
  4. Cultural affairs office
  5. Archive office
  6. Confidential Documents office
  7. Security in charge  
  8. Assets in charge
  9. Posts deliverance office
  10. Two support staff


Job’s Objective:

This office is responsible for implementing, controlling, and channelizing the recommendations of Ministry of Higher education, chancellor’s office, Ministers board and Parliament. Moreover, the office also directs the applications and official letters to relevant departments for further procedures.


Job’s descriptions:

  1. In order to achieve University’s long term goals, this office is assigned to produce weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual plans. 
  2. To work out University’s requirements, the office is in charge of organizing meetings with Ministry of Higher Education and other relevant organizations.
  3. In order to implement and execute the chancellor’s office meetings’ decisions, they are documented and dispatch to relevant departments. 
  4. Organizing and mentoring media conferences.
  5. Receiving directions from the chancellor’s office to issue and implement official letters, suggestions, inquiry letters and other documents.
  6. Managing staff to improve working conditions and solve office related concerns.   
  7. Presenting regulations passed by the Authoritative board of Ministry of higher education and Ministers board to the University chancellor. 
  8. Supervising the execution of chancellor’s decisions with relevant departments.
  9. Controlling the implementation of Law, policies and regulations passed by the Authoritative board of Ministry of higher education.
  10. Evaluating the staff of the office in order to insure transparency and improve their working capacities.
  11. Completing any job assigned by the chancellor office.



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