Human Resource Directorate

Overview of the Human Resource office

General Responsibilities of the Human Resource office:

  • With harmony of the relevant policies, consulting in order to improve the human resource strategies, decision making and then executing them to reach targeted objectives.
  • To recruit new staff (Vacancies’ announcements, scrutinizing and analyzing applications, interviewing, recruitment, transferring, promotions, retirements, resignations and terminations).
  •  To improve the employment results and make further decisions, mentoring and evaluation of staff.

This office works to achieve three types of objectives:   

  1. Interpersonal objectives: ensure staffs’ employment rights and developing their capacities in order to promise efficiency.
  • Identifying staffs’ needs and persuading them to recognize their job as their responsibility and accomplish the given tasks effectively.
  • Providing relax environment for them to work. For example, respecting and trusting them and listening to their suggestions and views.
  • Offering capacity building opportunities for staff to improve the effectiveness of their works. Guiding, sharing information and consulting with them.   
  • All those activities which develop their working attitude are considered as interpersonal objectives. 
  1. Administrative objectives:
  • Staff should know their job description and policies of the institute to improve institutional effectiveness.
  • Helping to accomplish organizational goals.
  • Setting up departments which support the organizational goals.
  • Comprehending the basics of Human Resource Management.
  • Understanding the responsibilities of Human Resource office.
  • Realizing the methods for knowledge transfer.
  • Understanding the recruitment process.
  • Should be able to answer simple and hard interview questions.
  • Know four points about talented candidates. Suitable person, merit, talent and efficiency.
  • Knowing negative points of a candidate in an interview. 
  • Know the evaluation process.
  • Manage time effectively and give time great value.   
  1. Social Objectives:
  • The social objectives cover the moral duties, which are productive for society and fulfill social needs.
  • When an institute fails to effectively utilize the available resources for the social benefits, it means that the organization fail in performing it moral and social role.    

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management:

  • Human resource office should work periodically in order to identify a staff’s job objectives and analyze their basic understanding towards establishment of management’s criteria and elaborate the recruitment plan.
  • New candidates are invited. Keeping in mind the requirements of the specific job, their documents are analyzed. Among them an appropriate candidate is selected, who is later introduced to other staff of the office. The focus is provided to improve their skills, when selected. If a staff member leaves the job for example when someone is retired, then the human resource office will look for a best person to fill that vacant place. The process will start again.

The managerial structure of Administrative staff of Nangarhar University before 2005 is as follow:

  1. Head of admin staff 3rd grade one person.
  2. Head of recruitment 4th grade one person.
  3. Clerks of recruitment 6th grade three people.
  4. Head of documentation 4th grade one person.
  5. Clerks of documentation 6th grade two people.
  6.  Head of utility stores 4th grade one person.
  7. Clerk of utility stores 6th grade one person.
  8. Typist one person.
  9. Support staff one person.

Total of 12 members

The administrative department of Nangarhar University was promoted from 3rd grade to 4th grade in 2005.

  1. Head of staff 4th grade one person.
  2. Clerk of documentation 6th grade one person.
  3. Head of Utility stores 4th grade one person.
  4. Clerk of utility stores 6th grade one
  5. Typist one person.
  6. Support staff one person.

Total of six members


In the administrative structure of Nangarhar University the 3rd grade human resource office was approved and added in 2012. It is described below.

  1. Head of Human resource department 3rd grade one person.
  2. Recruitment officer 4th grade one person.
  3. Five recruitment officers 5th grade.
  4. Head of institutional enhancement and capacity building 4th grade office.
  5. Clerk of gender 4th grade.
  6. Clerk of staff documentations, implementation and evaluation 4th grade.
  7. Clerk of retirement documentations 5th grade.
  8. Clerk of staff attendance 6th grade
  9. One support staff.

Total of 9 staff members

 Collected by: Noor Hakim shah Momand

Designation: Head of Human Resource Office

Contacts: 0772645853-0700082330

Translated by: Assistant professor Mohammad Asif Amin