Nangarhar University

Nangarhar University which is the second major educational and academic university in the country level is established in 1963 on June 4 in his Excellency Muhmmad Zahir Sha domination by Late Ali Ahmad Popal in Sheshem  Bagha region. It started form Medical faculty where fifty American and three Afghan lecturers were teaching to forty eighty students. In course of time, Engineering, agriculture, Education, Literature, Economic, Theology, Law and Political Science, Veterinary Science, Science, Computer Science, Journalism and Public Administration and policy faculties came into operation. Currently Nangarhar University has thirteen faculties and seventy three departments in which 14004 students are taught by 467 lecturers.  

It is been 54 years from the academic process of Nangarhar University and in this half century hard works, its great achievement is training of 23005 academic cadres in diverse professions and in departments and has been granted them to the society for the purpose of serving.

Administration formation

  • Presidency of Nangarhar University
  • Vice chancellor of academic affairs
  • Vice chancellor of students affairs
  • Vice chancellor of Finance and Administration Affairs


Presidency of Nangarhar University








Vice chancellor of academic affairs


Vice chancellor of academic affairs is responsible for the academic and instructive affairs of the university. At this time Pohanwal Doctor Nasir Kamawal is vice chancellor of academic affairs of the university, who has been taken into service from 2015----12 of zmari.


Pohanwal Doctor Nasir Khan Kamawal vice chancellor of Academic Affairs


Thirteen faculties, lecturers’ affairs, academic researches and Quality Assurance Departments are running their academic activities in the assistance of academic affairs framework.

Nangarhar University has 73 departments and 467 lecturers who are divided according to their educational level.









Lecturers division according to their academic ranks is as follow.



Namzad Pohialy















(16) Of them are female.


Vice chancellor of Students Affairs


Vice chancellor of students’ affairs is responsible for all the university students’ related affairs. At this time, Pohanmal Naeem Jan Sarwari is vice chancellor of students’ affairs. He has been working as vice chancellor of students’ affairs since 2010, kab 25.



Pohanyar Naeem Jan Sarwari vice chancellor of Student’ Affairs


Exercises and other related departments are performing their activities in the vice chancellor of students’ affairs framework.

Nangarhar University has 14004 students in thirteen faculties in Bachelor (Day and Nightshift), Master and PhD Programs.









Vice chancellor of Finance and Administration Affairs


Vice chancellor of finance and administration affairs has the responsibility of administrative and financial matters of the university. At this time, Pohanyar Masood Muhid is vice chancellor of the finance and administration affairs. He has been working on the said position since 2015 tala 21.



Pohanyar Masood Muhid vice chancellor of Finance and Administration


Human resource, provision, tadarokat and services, financial and accounting, public understanding and relationships, library and information technology, cultivation farm, health clinic and other instructional departments are performing their activities in the vice chancellor of finance and administration framework.

406 people have been full of activity in the finance and administration framework. (221) of them are state employees and 185 of them are peons.


State employees










Nightshift faculties program


Those twelve grade graduates who are employed through morning and cannot access their learning in official time have nightshift program in the subsequent faculties.


  1. Faculty of education
  2. Faculty of theology
  3. Faculty of languages and literature
  4. Faculty of law and political science
  5. Faculty of economics

In the mentioned faculties 2597 students busy with their learning. Moreover, 177 of them are females.


Male students

Female students







Master and PhD programs

The master program for the first time in Nangarhar University has established in the faculty of theology in 2012. Nowadays, five programs of master are active in four faculties of the university which is mentioned in a particular way below. 


  1. Theology faculty
  • Islamic religious law and law branch master program
  • Islamic education department master program
  1. Law and political science faculty
  • Justice and court department master program
  1. Languages and literature
  • Pashto literature department master program
  1. Economy faculty
  • BBA department master program

In the above mentioned master programs Nangarhar province and other various provinces of the country including academic cadres of 287 students are busy in acquiring master education and 230 students have graduated from theology faculty, law faculty and literature faculty and are ready to serve to their society.

PhD program

In country level for the first time, the PhD program occurred in the faculty of theology of Nangarhar University, the first inauguration in 2014 was done by the minister of higher education pohand doctor Abdullah Obid in Nangarhar University. These days, in the mentioned program the Nangarhar and the different universities of country 21 students are busy in obtaining the academic cadres.


For the comprehension of people Nangarhar University has one website, one facebook page, three academic magazines and a numbers of journals and news papers from its academic activities which we bring in detail below.

Nangarhar University Website

It is an internet website ( which has relevant information about Nangarhar University, research, university news and notifications.

POHA Academic magazine

It is the central, academic and research broadcasting of Nangarhar University which publishes 500 magazines in each three months, which has the teachers’ academic and research masterpiece.

TIBI POHA academic magazine

It is the Nangarhar University medical academic and research periodical publication which publish the sub academic masterpieces and research of Nangarhar University lecturers.


HAQ academic magazine

It is the Nangerhar University’s faculty of law and political science journal which publish 500 journals in every three months which publish academic and written masterpieces of the lecturers of the faculty.

Various Publications

Despite of the above mentioned publication, a number of faculties of Nangarhar University publish different sorts of magazines, journals and news by students as well.


The Nangarhar University in spite of having thirty libraries of faculties it also has central library which has 44000 various professional books for students study.

English Language, Computer learning and Internet Center

By the name of ELCLC the Nangarhar University has English language, computer learning and internet center. It provides internet along with student learning computer courses to all the faculties of the University. Beside this main center a number of faculties have typical internet centers that students take advantage of.


The Nangarhar University has the facility of dormitory for those students who came from long distance provinces. Currently in the University’s central, medical, educational and computer science faculties it has the facility of dormitory to accommodate 2500 students and 2800 students are given dorm replacement. 





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