Nangarhar Univeristy

Welcome to the Nangarhar University

Nangarhar University, the second largest educational institution after Kabul University, was founded 50 years ago in 1963. It is recognized by UNESCO. Its current strength of students is 15000. The number of Faculty members reaches 472 academic cadres. It has 75 departments of 13 scientific and social faculties/colleges. Its alumni strength is 19378. Every academic year starts in Fall with more than 5000 new students’ enrollment. Its convocation and commencement are in June graduating more than 2000 students each year. Nangarhar University has witnessed some bad eras of war, unrest, and disorder, but it has kept working. However, with the establishment of new setup, rehabilitation and development process, it has also progressed and improved. It has established ties and partnerships with National and International organization and Universities. The pace of current progress indicates that Nangarhar University is heading towards a very bright future and recognition.


Nangarhar University aspires to educate its students in accordance to the Islamic, national and democratic ideals and values. It fosters active participation in the rehabilitation and development of Afghanistan and is strong enough to meet all the academic requirements of the region and the world at large.


Nangarhar University is an academic higher education institute. It aims to educate a new generation in different disciplines in order to serve the society, region and the world. In addition, it endeavors to lead in providing solutions to the current issues and problems through research. All in all, NU strives to be among the leading institutions to bring about peace, solidarity, dignity and prosperity to the society.