Dean of Faculty

eeb, the Dean of Sharia Faculty, Nangarhar University

Professor Emeritus Dr. Israrul Hai Muneeb was appointed as the Dean of Sharia Faculty with the recommendation Ref. (266-30/6/1398) of Ministry of Higher Education and the decree Ref. (1865-17/7/1398) of His Highness the President and he has been holding this position since then.

Professor Muneeb was appointed as a lecturer in Islamic Studies at Sharia Faculty, Nangarhar University on 8 Meezan 1377 through an open competition. Beside teaching, he also remained the Head of Department of Islamic studies, Deputy Dean of Sharia Faculty, the member of university Quality Assurance Committee, and the Director of Compilation and Publication Board of Nangarhar University.

Professor Muneeb earned his PhD in Islamic Studies from University of Peshawar in 2017. He also completed his graduate studies from the same university in 2011. He got Bachelor’s from Nangarhar University. However, he was enrolled in Abdullah ibin Abbas Madrassa for elementary and secondary education in Peshawar during the immigration.

Professor Muneeb opened his eyes in the house of Abdul Hai, the leader of a religious family, in 1356. He belongs to Baroo Village, Rodat District, Nangarhar Province.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Israrul Hai Muneeb can be reached at:


Translation: Gul Rasool Saber