Professor Masood Nekbakht Biography

Professor Masood Nekbakht was born in1965 at Khogiani district of Nangarhar province in a knowledgeable and religious family.  He started his official schooling at Peshawar Afghan Refugees high school, and then joined Faculty of Osul-uddin, at International Islamic university of Islamabad and completed his BA degree in Islamiyat in 1989. Later, he perused his first graduate degree in Islamiyat from Peshawar University in 1992 and received his second graduate degree in Arabic language from the same University in 1995. Additionally, he completed an education management course from China in 2008.   

Professor Nekbakht is busy serving his nation at Nangarhar University since 1993. His presence has proven vital for the department of Arabic language and generally for the University. Furthermore, he was posted as the dean of Language and Literature faculty in 1993 and was awarded the same post for the second time based on intense necessity in 2017. Similarly, he was assigned as the dean of Agriculture and Medical science faculties, where he was able to prove his managerial and leadership skills effectively. Correspondingly, he served as the lead of Kankoor Exam Team and head of University’s exam board; due to his leadership skills the teams were able to deliver best results, which were appreciated by the University’s authorities. 

Moreover, professor Nekbakht has provided his services as the head of quality assurance committee for five years. Because of his thriving endeavours at the stated committee the University received first position for quality assurance among Afghan Universities in 2015 and later the University was honoured with the first prize in 2017, which is considered to be a massive triumph at the eastern zone and provincial level. The commitments and dedications to his duty and effective academic role at the University have obtained him the Mula Moshak Alam award in 2017 from the president of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani.