Nangarhar University holds meeting with elders of Rodat and Kot Districts regarding construction of International Islamic University

08 Jul, 2019


The meeting was attended by Chancellor of Nangarhar University, the elders of the two districts, and the Governor of Nangarhar Province His Highness Mr. Shah Mahmood Miakhel.

In the beginning, Chancellor Assistant Professor Dr. Yahya Fahim reported the progress of construction of boundary wall in the area allocated for International Islamic University. He also mentioned the issue in construction of its Eastern Wall where some people claim the ownership of the land.

Chancellor Fahim asked the elders to help in the immediate solving of the issue in order to avoid hindrance in the construction of this national and international project.

His Highness the Governor of Nangarhar Mr. Shah Mahmood Miakhel said, “There is no private property on the site of International Islamic University. Even though, someone claims to have the property and present the documents, he will be dealt in accordance to the Law of Acquisition. However, no one is authorized to make hindrance in the progression of this project”.

Maulawi Abdul Aziz Khairkhwah talked on behalf of the elders of Kot and Rodat Districts. He said, “We the dwellers of Kot and Rodat Districts are ready to allocate even our houses for the construction of the International Islamic University”.

Besides assisting in resolution of the boundary wall issue, Maulawi Khairkhwa proposed to include a few elders of the districts in the appointed committee  for the construction of the International Islamic University for the smooth running of the university construction.