Nangarhar University holds gathering in honor of newly elected representatives to Parliament from Nangarhar Province

23 Apr, 2019

The gathering initiated by Nangarhar University was organized in order to congratulate and develop coordination among the elected ​ Parliamentarians​ and the university for even better service to the nation.

In the opening speech, Chancellor Assistant Professor Dr. Yahya Fahim whole heartedly congratulated the elected Parliamentarians and asked them to focus on their responsibilities. Chancellor Fahim said, “The people of Nangarhar voted for you and trusted you in very dilapidated and dangerous circumstances. Now it is your responsibility to represent these afflicted people, ask for their rights, and keep truthful to the trust they made in you”.

In addition, Chancellor Fahim assured them of full support from the University, professors, and students in their rightful programs.

On behalf of the representatives, Mr. Ameer Khan Yaar and Abdur Rauf Shpoon talked to the audience. They thanked Nangarhar University and people for voting and trusting them. They regarded the parliamentarian ship as heavy responsibility rather than a position and asked the people to support them in fulfilling this responsibility.

The gathering concluded with the tradition in which Chancellor Fahim coronated the selected parliamentarians with honorary turbans and some other souvenirs.