Chancellor along with deputation from Ministry of Higher Education evaluates Spin Ghar Institute of Higher Education

06 Apr, 2019

Chancellor Assistant Professor Dr. Yahya Fahim along with the team from Ministry of Higher Education comprising Professor Haji Mohammad Naeemi, the Director of Accreditation and Quality Assurance; Assistant Professor Amir Mohammad Kamawal, the Director of Private Universities; and Dr. Najmuddin Jalal, the Director of Students Affairs; Mr. Ghulam Daud Shaiq, the Director of Internal Audit, inspected and evaluated the academic and teaching activities of Spin Ghar Institute of Higher Education.

The honorable team monitored and evaluated the hierarchical structure, hiring procedures of cadres and administrative personnel, laboratories, classrooms, library, computer lab, teaching hospital and other parts of the Institute while the Chancellor Dr. Khair Mohammad Momand and other Officials of the Institute were providing relevant information about the parts the team was visiting. The team noted the strong and weak points of the institute and they would share the results with the Institute after proper attention to all perspective of consideration.