Campaign of motivating high school girls for higher Education commences

10 Mar, 2019

On March 7, 2019, the campaign for motivating high school girls to join university after graduation from high school was formally kicked off with a ceremony held at Bibi Maryam High School by a group of female students of Nangarhar University who were trained in Active Citizen Program.

Chancellor Assistant Professor Dr. Yahya Fahim thanked the team of Active Citizen Program and its advisor Ms. Karishma Nazimi, the lecturer at Engineering Faculty, for accomplishing social works besides focusing on their academics. He also talked about the significance of motivation campaign and called on the female students not to compromise on only high school, but they should acquire higher education as it was the need of the entire nation.

Director of Education, Mr. Haseebullah Shinwari expressed his gratitude to the Chancellor and students of Nangarhar University for starting such a great campaign in collaboration with Directorate of Education. He promised the campaigners of providing every possible help.

Coordinator of Active Citizen Program Ms. Karishma Azimi explained that the motivation campaign was utterly a volunteer activity carried out by the female students of Nangarhar University. She added that the campaign was to be extended to the far away areas of Nangarhar Province in the second stage.

At the end of the event, the students of Bibi Maryam High School for Girls gifted the chancellor and director with turbans as symbol of honor and respect.