Nangarhar University, the second largest academic institution of Afghanistan, has completed 56 vibrant years. Its most significant achievement is the provision of about 30000 alumni to the various services of the entire nation. They have been shining like stars in rehabilitation, construction, reforms and other civic amenities of the nation.

Nangarhar University proudly offers Associate Degree, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Programs and tries its best to strengthen, advance, standardize and promote these academic programs throughout Afghanistan.

Nonetheless, Nangarhar University is pacing towards its mission that is to have high rank professors; conduct great quality Academic Researches and programs; provide inducing to learning environment; seek MoUs with International Institutions; and provide best facilities for its students, it will soon acquire national, regional, and international recognition.

The Administration of Nangarhar University is committed to provide the level best academic environment to its students in congruence to the rules and regulations of Ministry of Higher Education. Therefore, Nangarhar University leaves no stone unturned to develop curriculums, facilitate practical learning for students, sign MoUs with national and international academic institutions, and have special attention to the learning, teaching, and construction of fundamental infrastructure.

We are sure that with high academic quality, professional team, and commitment, Nangarhar University will soon become the best of its kind academic institution both locally and internationally. We are sure that the torch bearer alumni of Nangarhar University will keep illuminating all the dark corners of the country.

We hope to achieve our goals the soonest!

 Professor Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsoodwal,

Chancellor of Nangarhar University 

Chancellor of Nangarhar University