Biography of Nangarhar University’s Vice Chancellor for Students’ Affairs

Biography of Nangarhar University’s Vice Chancellor for Students’ Affairs

Assistant Professor Sayad Ikram Hashami

Assistant professor Sayad Ikram Hashami son on Ustad Sayad Muhtashim was born in 1976 in a religious family at Dwlatzai village in Chaprihar district of Nangarhar province. He started his schooling while migrated in Peshawar and completed high school from Abu Ayoub Ansari high school in 1996. Moreover, he completed bachelor and master degrees from Political science faculty of Nangarhar University in 2001 and 2016 respectively.

He became member of Nangarhar University’s cadre at the faculty of law and political science. Besides that, he was an active member of the teams who designed the strategic plans of Nangarhar, Lagman, Heart and Mazar Universities. Before becoming the vice-chancellor of students’ affairs he was vice-dean of law and political science faculty. Additionally, he authored several academic articles and seven academic, political and judiciaries’ publications, which are listed below:

  1. Sources of fundamental rights
  2. Rights of work
  3. Analysis and Review of Afghan constitution
  4. Human rights
  5. Peoples’ political rights
  6. Administrative recruitment from the perspectives of Islamic and Afghan Laws
  7. History of political ideologies

Assistant professor Hashami was appointed on the post of vice-chancellor of Nangarhar University’s students’ affairs through the recommendation number (222_1397/7/4) and (1394_1397/7/12) number order of the president.