New Chancellor is inducted to professors and officials of Nangarhar University

07 Aug, 2019


Professor Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsoodwal, the faculty member of Medical Faculty at Nangarhar University, was appointed as the new Chancellor of Nangarhar University. He was inducted to the professors and officials of Nangarhar University by the Governor of Nangarhar His Highness Shah Mahmood Miakhel in a gathering arranged in this connection. It is worthy to be mentioned that the works and efforts of previous Chancellor Assistant Professor Dr. Yahya Fahim were highly appreciated.

The gathering was conducted at the Auditorium of Nangarhar University, in which the Governor of Nangarhar, professors, officials, tribal leaders, social activists, and journalists participated. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammad Hamid Kadwal opened the event with his speech. He, besides welcoming the guests, threw some light on the contributions and achievements of the previous Chancellor and congratulated the new Chancellor for being selected for this wonderful position. He promised the new chancellor of his full support.

Another speaker was the Governor of Nangarhar His Highness Shah Mahmood Miakhel. He regarded the transfer and appointments of the positions as a routine of Governance. However, he expressed his gratitude that now the changes happen through a letter which was not the practice a few years back. His Highness appreciated the works, contributions, and achievements of the previous chancellor Assistant Professor Dr. Yahya Fahim. In addition, His Highness regarded the New Chancellor Professor Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsoodwal as an experienced person and he hoped that the new chancellor would complete the unfinished tasks well.

The Ex-Chancellor of Nangarhar University Assistant Professor Dr. Yahya Fahim talked about his achievements during the seven-month administration and thanked the Deans of Faculties, professors, and administrative officials of Nangarhar Province and Nangarhar University for their assistance. He also promised to support the new chancellor in the academic affairs and he would help the new administration in monitoring the construction works on campus.

New Chancellor of Nangarhar University Professor Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsoodwal thanked the President and Ministry of Higher Education for trusting him in carrying out this heavy task. He regarded this position as a huge responsibility rather than an authority and promised to leave no stone unturned in carrying out this noble task. He also shared his plans for the betterment of Nangarhar University with the audience.

The gathering was concluded with coronating the Ex-Chancellor with honorary turban along with the appreciation letters from Nangarhar Province Administration and Ministry of Higher Education.

Source: Directorship of Relations, Publications, and Public Awareness.