Nangarhar University consults dissemination of online courses with Nangarhar National Radio and Television.

31 May, 2020


Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs Assistant Professor Sayed Akram Hashimi, Dean of Sharia Faculty Professor Emeritus Dr. Israrul Hai Muneeb, Dean of Journalism & Mass Communication Faculty Senior Lecturer Sayed Samiulllah Saeedi, and some professors of Sharia Faculty held a consultation meeting with the officials of Nangarhar National Radio and Television regarding hastening the recording process of online courses.

During the meeting, Professor Hashimi thanked the Officials of Nangarhar Radio and Television for the previous assistance in students’ practical learning, and similarly disseminating and broadcasting the news of Nangarhar University. Professor Hashimi also added, “With accordance to the instructions of Ministry of Higher Education, for those public universities that have a lack of cadres, the core course Islamic Culture ought to be recorded and disseminated through electronic media and the responsibility of this task has been assigned to Kabul and Nangarhar Universities. Luckily, Nangarhar University has completed the first round of the process successfully and it needs the technical support of National Television for the prompt accomplishment of the process”.

Director of Nangarhar National Radio Television Mr. Nisar Ahmad Zhwand regarded Nangarhar University as a mutual educational abode of all Afghans and promised that the administration of National Television would fully support this national project. He added, “All the essential items for course recordings will soon be provided and the schedule of recordings will be shared with the administration of Nangarhar University very soon”.

After the meeting, the deputation of Nangarhar University visited different parts of National Radio and Television Studio.