Nangarhar University conducts Entry Test for 6 Department from 440 doctors

17 Oct, 2019


According to the authorities of the university, from 440 candidates 21 would be selected for Specialization program in Pediatrics, Surgery, Gynecology, Eyes and ENT Departments.

The rituals of the Entry Test took place in the Hall of Faculty of Medicine, in which besides the Chancellor of Nangarhar University Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal, Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs Assistant Professor Sayed Akram Hashimi, Dean of Faculty of Medicine Professor Emeritus Dr. Nasar Khan Kamawal, Chief Physician of Teaching Hospital Associate Professor Dr. Jamal Abdul Nasar Ghazi, representatives of Directorship of Specialization Program, other professors, Examination Committee, Quality Assurance, and the members of Post Graduate Committee were present in the event.

In the inaugural speech, the Chancellor of Nangarhar University Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal assured the candidate that the exam would be totally transparent. He added that he would not tolerate any kind of unfair means and he had taken all the necessary precautions.

He informed the candidates that amongst them 21 persons would be selected for six departments i.e. 6 for Pediatrics, 4 for Internal medicine, 4 for Gynecology, 4 for Surgery, 1 for Eyes, and 2 for ENT Departments.

Another speaker was Chief Physician of Teaching Hospital. He said, “I have strictly followed the instructions of the Administration of Nangarhar University and I have prevented all sorts of unfair means”. He also pledged to try his best to announce the results either today or tomorrow.

Source: Communication, Publication and Public Awareness Directorship