Nangarhar University celebrates National Day of Tree Plantation

17 Mar, 2020


Nangarhar University celebrated March 10 as the National Day of Tree Plantation with a campaign of planting trees at campus. According to the officials, as a result of the campaign, two million fruity, fruitless, and decorative trees would be planted in Jalalabad City and its outskirts.

In the opening speech of the campaign, Chancellor of Nangarhar University Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsoodwal said, “Administration of university has started the plantation campaign since last month, in which all the faculty members, administrative staff, and students were required to plant a tree in the campus area and take care of it”. He added, “The recent Presidential decree which specifically appointed March 10 as a National Day of Tree Plantation would hasten the process of plantation here”.

His Highness the Governor of Nangarhar Mr. Shah Mahmood Miakhel talked about the threats caused by environmental pollution and the strategies to cope with it. He further asked the community of Nangarhar to actively participate in the national activity of planting tree and save the lives of the coming generations.

The other speakers of the gathering were the Director of Environment Protection Senior Lecturer Aminullah Yousafzai, Mayor of Jalalabad Mr. Roohul Amin Hasan, the Director of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Animal Husbandry Dr. Mohammad Zameer Behsoodi, and the Director of Village Development Engineer Amanullah Miakhel. They all highlighted the importance of tree plantation and taking care of them.

At the end, Governor of Nangarhar, Chancellor of Nangarhar University, and the Directors of the Provincial Administration inaugurated the tree plantation campaign at the campus as a celebration of the National Day of Tree Plantation.

Translation: Gul Rasool Saber