Nangarhar University celebrates National Day of Flag

07 Aug, 2019


On 8th Asad, National Day of Flag was celebrated with some events at Nangarhar University, in which the Officials of university administration, professors, and administrative personnel participated.

To the gathering arranged in this connection, Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs Assistant Professor Sayed Akram Hashimi said, “Our national flag is our identity and value, and the sustenance and respect of our national values are our duty and responsibility”. He thanked the deans of various faculties, professors, and administrative personnel for participating in this valuable event.

Professor Dr. Israrul Hai Muneeb, the professor of Sharia Faculty; Lecturer Sharifullah Ayoobi, the Head of Cultural Committee; and Engineer Khan Mohammad Dost, the Head of Alumni were the other speakers. They provided information about the religious status of flag and value of national prides to the audience.

It is worthy to be mentioned that at the end of the event students sang poems and anthems, which were highly appreciated by the audience.