Nangarhar University acknowledges deeds of Forth Front Commandant Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan for regaining independence with seminar on his heroic life

26 Aug, 2019


The seminar, initiated with the support of Nangarhar University, Governor’s Office, Zamani Foundation, and Academy of Sciences, was attended by Governor of Nangarhar Province, the members of Academy of Sciences, the faculty members and rectors of Eastern Region Public and Private Universities, professors, administrative staff, writers, researchers, and the family members of Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan.

At onset of the seminar, His Highness the Governor of Nangarhar Mr. Shah Mahmood Miakhel thanked Nangarhar University, Academy of Sciences, and Mustafa Zamani Foundation for arranging this inspiring seminar on the life and deeds of Forth Front Commandant Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan, the hero of regaining independence. He added, “I have published 17 Articles in a book form on Shah Ghazi Amanullah Khan and I am going to publish the articles of this seminar too so that our new generation get acquainted with their Elders and Heroes.”

He also said, “The Family of Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan went through about 13 years in prison, 7 years in promulgation, and 30 members of his family were executed in the pursuance of the campaign for independence.”

Chancellor of Nangarhar University Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal talked about the importance of holding seminars on the life of important celebrities like the Hero of Independence Forth Front Commandant Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan.

The message of His Excellency the President Dr. Mohammad Ashraf Ghani was delivered by Sher Shah Hamdard, the Director of Information, Directorate of Information and Culture. The message read the appreciation of the efforts of Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan in regaining the independence. It also consisted of gratitude of organizers and attendants for reviving the Heroes of Afghanistan.

Then, the following articles were presented:

  • “War of Independence and Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan” by Associate Professor Babrak Miakhel of Pashto Language and Literature Department
  • “Noble Deeds of Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan” by Dr. Mohammad Sharif Zadran, the member of Academy of Sciences
  • “Loyi Khan in the Reflection of His Military Initiatives and Historical Deeds” Professor Emeritus Fazal Wali Nagar, the Elite Professor of Pashto Language and Literature Department
  • “Pa Khyber Mahaz Da Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan Soray” by Assistant Professor Mohammad Daud Wafa
  • “Pa Ulasi Adabyato ke Da Ghazi Mir Zaman Khan Yaad” by the member of Academy of Sciences Mr. Ihsanul Haq Kabir
  • “Da Khpal Wakai Saloramay Jabhe Ahmiyat” by Lecturer Gul Rahman Mushfiq

On behalf of the family, Engineer Ardalan Zamani, the grand son of Loyi Khan, thanked the organizers and the attendants for remembering and reminding the sacrifices of Ghazi and his family.

At the end, the seminar was evaluated by Professor Emeritus Mohammad Bashir Doudyal and awards and gifts were distributed by Zamani Foundation, the organizers of the Seminar.