Chancellor of Nangarhar University Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal leads Administrative Council

07 Aug, 2019


The council was attended by Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammad Hamid Kadwal, Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs, the Deans of Faculties, and Directors. Problems of administration, finance, and some other issues were discussed in the council.

In the opening speech, Chancellor Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad said, “Deans of faculties, professors, and administrative personnel are bound by the law to respect chain of command and deal with the clients in a good manner”. He called on all the staff of university towards unity, mutual respect, cooperation, and coordination. In addition, he asked everyone to help in curbing chaos and disunity at the university. Chancellor Behsudwal instructed the deans of faculties to establish administrative councils at the level of faculties for quick solutions  of the problems.

Then, Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs presented the agenda of the meeting. It was consisted of construction works at campus, the inclusion of current projects in the autonomy of university, making inventory list of all the materials present at faculties and departments, transfer of the useless materials to a specific place and auctioning them, preparation for grand Commencement, arrangement of programs with regard to the 100 years of Independence, accommodation of the new students, and some other miscellaneous issues. They all were thoroughly discussed and some decisions about them were also made.

At the end, Chancellor Behsudwal asked the deans of faculties and the members of the council to strive their level best in implementing the decisions made in this council.