Chancellor of Nangahar University inspects construction works of internal roads of campus.

22 Apr, 2020

Chancellor of Nangarhar University Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsoodwal along with Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammad Hamid Kadwal, Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs Assistant Professor Sayed Akram Hashimi, Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs Mr. Hamidullah Ahmadzai, and the Deputy Dean of Engineering Faculty Junior Lecturer Mohammad Shakir Farooqi, inspected the construction works of the internal roads of Nangarhar University campus.

During the inspection, the officials of Construction Company provided information about the completed works of roads. They affirmed that 3.5 KM road, pavements, and channels of Nangarhar University were 60% concreted and the remaining works were to be completed soon.

Chancellor Behsoodwal made some very important recommendations about the works to the officials of the Construction Company and he asked them to accomplish the remaining works with accordance to the plan and good quality.

Chancellor Behsoodwal also thanked the Deputy Dean of Engineering Faculty Junior Lecturer  Mohammad Shakir Farooqi for overseeing the road works and other construction projects of the university for quality control and timely completion.

Translation: Gul Rasool Saber