Chancellor leads Administrative and Hiring & Firing meetings

30 Dec, 2019


In the periodic meetings; attended by Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Assistant Professor Dr. Mohammad Hamid Kadwal, Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs Assistant Professor Sayed Akram Hashimi, Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs Hameedullah Ahmadzai, Deans of various faculties, Chief Physician of Teaching Hospital, and Administrative Directors; financial, administrative, appointments, and other issues of university were discussed.

In the opening talk, Chancellor of Nangarhar University Professor Emeritus Dr. Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal threw light on the current situation of the university and asked the members to pay even more attention to their responsibilities regarding the improvement of the prevailing situation.

The agenda of the meeting was shared by Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs. The highlighted issues were the MoUs of Nangarhar University Teaching Hospital with some institutes; transportation for professors, administrative employees, and students; financial plan of the year 1399; and some other miscellaneous hitches. All the issues were separately discussed and some profound decisions were made for them.

On the other hand, the hiring and firing committee’s agenda was presented by the scribe of the committee Senior Lecturer Sayed Samiullah Saeedi, in which the hiring of some lecturers for Nangarhar University was discussed and approved. The cases of hiring were then forwarded to the Academic Council for further considerations.

At the end, Chancellor Behsudwal asked the deans and members to combine their efforts in the implementation of the decision made and meticulously keep following them up.

Translation: Gul Rasool Saber